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Bo - >n<


I was like "Man I wish there were images of Real Life Bo like there are HALF THE OTHER CHARACTERS" and Atoli was like WELL THERE WAS KIND OF THAT ONE PAGE.

And I was like WHAT ONE PAGE.

And she linked this, which both makes me happy to see and yet...

...answers nothing at all...

...thanks manga :( Go back to drawing your Ryou and your Kaoru and your Chigusa and your other main characters baw.
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Christmas list

ENDRANCE: All the Twilight books!!
HASEO: Just a christmas card, but she hand-drew a picture of haseo on the front. ...the inside contents are all very TSUN, of course. "MERRY CHRISTMAS OR WHATEVR I couldn't think of anything to get you and besides, after trying to steal Master En from me you don't deserve any more, so this is all you're getting, Haseo!!! I should be giving you coal! Stinky socks! So you should know how restrained I am right now!! xoxox Saku"
RICOCHET: This book
TOKITOH: Christmas card.
KUHN: A plush rooster 8)
PI: Some bath supplies, new shampoo and conditioner, scented soap etc.
BO: A painting of sunflowers.

BIKKY: A new basketball which he found in one of the abandoned shed things.
ENDRANCE: A new warm blanket :/
HASEO: A... a hand-made paper bento /)_(\
HAKUREN: A hand-made christmas card in the shape of a chim-chim with season's greetings on the inside.
EUGENIE: A badly drawn picture of a christmas tree and cookies and glass of milk with season's greetings on the inside.
ROXAS: A SOCCER BALL ...which he found in one of the abandoned shed things
RICOCHET: A hand drawn movie poster... OF RICOCHET, THE MOVIE. It's TOTALLY BADASS. Now, if only he could draw.
TOKITOH: Hand drawn christmas card with a video game theme.
KUHN: A christmas card SHAPED LIKE A SEXY WOMAN. The bikini is made of tissue paper.
PI: A christmas card shaped like a computer. All of the keys are ACTUAL BUTTONS.
SERA: A christmas card cut out to look like Varnani's face.
SAKU: A little christmas flower in a tiny pot :O

Total list:EVA
Riku Replica
Collector Manikin

Feel free to respond; if IC lemme know and we can thread ♥
Sakubo - Twins at heart

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Bo - Christmas is ruined now

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If anyone wants to thread with Bo while he's acting ...even more depressed than usual (A COMPELLING INVITATION, I AM SURE), his initial 'subtle' possession AIDA thread is here and jumpable at the "entering camp" stage o/ ♥
Saku - cinnamon lips and candy kisses

Let's talk about sex, baby

Sakubo, Sexuality, and (Gender) Identity

Man, you know, I say 'Sakubo' up there, but it's going to be 90% Saku, I'll say that up front, because a lot of stuff registers to her that doesn't register to Bo, hands down.

...other disclaimer: They are 11 years old irl. Obviously, this affects a certain number of things both positively and negatively, like sexual awareness etc. sdfj;. BUT YES.

...actually I should just call this the Saku Essay, but there are points of the above I do need to set up (or want to set up) first. Half out of contrast. OKAY. okaaaaaaaaaaaay. uh.

Don't expect much coherence here.

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